Kilimanjaro Pictures
  Aerial View Of Mount Kilimanjaro,                   We climbed from the Western Breach which is a rocky wall just above Arrow Glacier. This route is supposedly no longer climbed due to a landslide on January 2006 which killed four people. The breach is actually the little notch at the top right just in front of the glacier to the right of the main peak. This ridge is usually reached around 6:30 am then you cross the flat to the far right of Uhuru peak (The protruding ridge far end of the volcano). For me climbing that little pitch of snow and rock was the hardest. After that it is a quick picture and we cross the ridge right to left and descend the scree slope on the left.

Contact in Marangu:

Aloyce Melkiory Mtui
Was a guide with
African Adventures


P.O. Box 167
Mbahe Aris Parish
Marangu, Moshi


Mount Meru makes for a nice hike after acclimatizing on a Mount Kilimanjaro ascent. Located just North/East of Arusha.

Click on the map above to get some idea of the area of Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro
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