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Mountains of The World   A complete detailed listing of all the mountains on earth

Worlds Highest Peaks Graphically represented so you get a good representation of their relative heights.

Seven Summits - List of all the individuals who have completed all seven of the Seven Summits.

The Seven Summits

Name Continent Height (feet) Height (meters)
Everest Asia 29,028 8,848
Aconcagua South America 22,831 6,959
McKinley (Denali) North America 20,320 6,194
Kilimanjaro Africa 19,340 5,895
Elbrus Europe 18,841 5,633
Vinson Massif Antarctica 16,067 4,897
Cartensz Pyramid
Oceania - Indonesia

Note: Seventh Summit in dispute depending on which Continent is considered to be seventh.


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Altitude sickness drug - DIAMOX

Outdoor Action Guide to High Altitude: Acclimatization and Illnesses Princeton University's site on Altitude Sickness some links to general wilderness safety.

High Altitude and It's Effects on Exercise Performance

Steve & Judy's Altitude & Acclimatization Page



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    The best overall training for a climb like Mount Kilimanjaro is to strap a pack on your back and go hiking as much as possible. This is great for a number of reasons. First your feet and joints become accustomed to the constant walking you will face on the mountain. The pace is monotonous and this means the same body parts are being taxed albeit slowly the gradual pounding does add up. Most discomforts become apparent in the feet, hips, shoulders and neck areas.
    Secondly your gear can be broken in and adjustments can be made before leaving. Simple things like how your pack best sits on your shoulders can be worked out prior to leaving and your feet will thank you when you have perfectly worked in boots.
    Thirdly your not running a marathon up Kilimanjaro, a good, smooth walking pace is what you want up and down hills for at least an hour straight. If you can get in some day hikes - even better.

    As for aerobic training get to a gym and pound a stairmaster. Use a consistent program such as aerobic training and start at a specific level and time interval. Slowly work your way up each time you train. Try for at least twice a week. Jogging is also great but I find it punishes the body somewhat at first. But it is great because it works on your mental strength as well. Try to set a goal each time you run or do any exercise during your mountain training. Do not stop until you reach that goal - fighting through some pain and succeeding will be the difference between getting to the top and giving up short. Trust me your mind will be your biggest ally or adversary when your just about to summit.
    This may sound harsh but I assume the goal of most is to actually summit Mount Kilimanjaro. If your goal is to go as far as Arrow Glacier then that is great but your mind will still have to be strong for whatever goal you try to achieve.
    Try to go easy the last few days before leaving for Africa. Eat well and pamper your body if it has any aches. Continue your training but not full out. 

Here are some links to some other training methods:

Denali Training Regimen   A course of training for Mount Mckinley (Denali) in Alaska. This is much more training than you would need for Kilimanjaro.

Alpine Training  This is more along my wavelength. 

Great Book For Alpine Conditioning  Climbing: Training for Peak Performance by Clyde Soles,
Mountaineers Books; 1st edition (November 1, 2002)

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If your looking for information and tips about climbing and hiring authorized guides you can contact by snail mail:

Kilimanjaro Mountain Club
PO Box 66
Moshi, Tanzania

Alternately if your looking for guides and porters the YMCA in Moshi is another source.



Due to Mount Kilimanjaro's size it has it's own unique climate. At the base the terrain is dry plains and the temperature is an average of 30 degrees Celsius. There are five major climate zones which you will hike through first, the lower slopes, then forest, then moorland, highland desert and the summit. Each zone is about 1000 meters each. A general guide for temperature is minus 1 degree Celsius for every 200 meters (656 ft.) climbed.
For most months of the year there are few rainy days so these are ideal times since rain on the summit will mean snow.

Therefore the short heavy rainy season is usually from March to June, with some monsoon periods in October and November and these can extend further or be shorter. The best times to climb are times outside these monsoon months.

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Map - Map of the Kilimanjaro area with the routes listed

Although there are many routes up to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro these are the more popular ones:

Marangu Route - Also known as the tourist route is considered the easiest route up the mountain. Accommodation is in huts and round trip is usually five days.

Machame Route - This is probably the most beautiful way to climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. With a lovely, gradual ascent through forest you emerge to see wide views of the moorland on Shira Plateau and further on the crags and snow of Kibo and the Western Breach. Five days up and down

Shira Route -

Mweka Route - This is a STEEP and quick (four days up and down) way up Kilimanjaro.  It should only be taken by those in excellent physical condition who know they will have little problem acclimatizing.  It is however an excellent way to descend.

Umbwe Route - This route is the hardest but most spectacular and direct way to reach Uhuru Peak. Three day's up and down.

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