Ecuador Volcanoes

Ecuador is an incredibly bio diverse country sitting on the equator its unique geology allows for the existence of a variety of zones from arid to tropical. Most people travel to Ecuador mainly to visit the Galapagos islands which sit 1000 km off the coast. Unfortunately our trip was limited due to the amount of climbing involved. It is necessary to put a week aside if you intend to visit the Islands and the Rainforest. All the peaks visible are volcanoes which have been trust up beyond the Andes mountain range. During our trip we climbed five of the more than 20 volcanoes present in Ecuador. Since the volcanoes are spread out along the range the technique of mountaineering is slightly different than in the Alps for example. Acclimatization begins once you land in Quito which is at an elevation of 2800 meters. From here you can make day summits up progressively higher peaks until you become fully acclimatized. Most evenings can be spent in a hotel unless you are climbing the higher peaks which require an stay in a hut or tent before summit day.

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