Rome 2005

It is simply overwhelming to even attempt to absorb part of the richness which is Rome in the small time I was there. I have been to Italy many times in my life but always to visit family in the North. It has been a goal of mine to begin to travel to Italy's great cities and I'm glad my journey begins in Rome because it truly is a remarkable place. I only spent three days there and thanks to Chris who knows the place very well I was able to see a great deal more than I would have alone.  If your only there for a short time I would definitely suggest joining a tour to get the most of the city. What struck me most profoundly were the ancient Roman ruins. I knew they were abundant but I had no idea how incredibly preserved some of the locations were. Walking the streets you can see buildings with walls of old stone mixed with new and you can only begin to wonder what stories those old stones would tell if only they came alive. Walk into a building and no matter where your eyes look there is detail upon detail to keep even the most un-artistic among us enthralled. If you have only a short period of time be sure to visit the Musei Vaticani and the Sistine Chapel. I respected the Chapel rules and did not photograph Michelangelo's ceiling, but to be honest pictures can never do it justice. Finally when you stand on a mountain peak looking at the night sky filled with stars and the endless expanse below you your immediately reminded how small we are compared to nature. Being in Rome gives a similar feeling but instead it makes one realize that its humanity showing up nature this time on a grand scale no less spectacular than a night sky blazing with starlight. Ok ... so the place inspired me.


Street side break in Trastevere

Trek Begins

Roman Forum -Arco Di Settimio Severo

Forum looking from Palatine Hill to the Capitoline Hill the Piazza of Ancient Rome

Entering Vatican City

Columns of Piazza San Pietro - Vatican

Museum - Marble Bath tub

Bronze Pine Cone - Vatican Gardens

Entering Musei Vaticani

One of many treasures inside the Vatican Museum

Vase in Vatican Museum

Castel Sant'Angelo - Now Museum

Traiana Column - One of the oldest Monuments in Rome depicts the Dacian wars

The Pantheon

Fontana di Trevi - Incredible

A typical corner restaurant

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