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This page is dedicated to trips undertaken with Yamnuska --- Click Here To Go to Their SITE


The following pictures are from my trip to the Wapta Ice fields near Canmore Alberta. This course, known as Intro to Mountaineering covered a variety of topics. Please refer to the Canmore link above for more information. the course is very well designed. The guides and students I learned with were all great.

Yamnuska offices and the peaks of the Three Sisters in the background. Preparing to leave from the offices of Yamnuska.

Crossing a gorge of the Bow River on our way to Bow Hut. The Bow Hut kitchen and chefs.

Bow Hut at 7800 ft. Gus on the Bow Glacier with St. Nicholas peak in the background.

Picture of me taking a rest Nice shot of Bow Glacier and St. Nicholas peak.

Beginning our descent from the summit of Mount Olive Climbing up towards Mt Olive looking back at Bow Lake and the Road to Canmore.

Climbing up the last bit of Mount Olive looking down at another group of hikers. Mt. Thompson in far left and St. Nicholas just in front. Snack time on Bow Glacier.
Looking up from the previous picture. Last steep climb to Mount Olive's summit. View from the summit of Mount Olive.
Me and Gus on top of Mount Olive. Carefully crossing some crevasses after summiting Mount Gordon.
Gus taking a break on summit of Mount Gordon Tying in to an ice axe for protection as the team crosses a crevasse.
Being belayed off of Mount Gordon after our crevasse pass. Andrew digging a T - Slot so the team can belay down a steep snow hill on Mount Gordon.
Looking off of the peak of Mount Thompson. Gus enjoying the view as he descends from Mount Gordon
Our Guide Ken, Gus and Guide Andy. Taking a break on the Bow Hut deck. Me and Gus with Andy on summit of Mount Thompson.
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