Cotopaxi - Volcano December 28 2008 to January 10 2009

Rock Climbing - Las Vegas  Nevada
Red Rocks - Nov./06

Rock Climbing - Boulder Colorado
Estes Park and Boulder Rock Climbs August 2006

European Climbs
The Alps, (Mont Blanc) 2004

Mexico Climbs
Orizaba 2004

S. American Climbs
Aconcagua 2003

Canadian Rockies
Week long climbing school








This site is an ongoing project, originally designed only to chronicle the climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. This hike which took place during the 1st of January 2000 was the true springboard to many others and a new found love of the climbing and mountains. Enjoy!

• Canadian Charities Listing of Charities
• Humanism An Alternative Viewpoint
• Rome 2005 - Pictures and Story
• F.F.S.G. Famee Furlane Social Group


LIFE 101

1. Given the choice between time and money - never waste time because no matter how hard you work you can never make up more. What is time well spent? Time which enriches others and ourselves; ultimately it is time spent making a positive difference.

2. Right Action, Right Attitude, Loving Kindness and Mindfulness.

3. The Comfort Zone - This is our little place where fear never seems to visit. I love it there so I climb to push me past that zone. Anytime you hesitate to take action ask yourself if you fear leaving your Comfort Zone if the answer is yes and you are not breaking 1 and 2 above then press forward.

4. Life is a journey and I am nowhere near mastering any of the above. In Zen we sit, in life we Journey. Follow your way.






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